Which trendy loafer to choose in 2022?

MGentlemen, for this spring summer 2022, choose the mocassin. A trendy canvas shoe easy to wear for your days at the office or during weekends for a casual style.

This season, the natural colors making references to nature like beige and sky blue are in the spotlight. And if you are looking for a colored moccasin you will be served! In 2022 your dressing room will be dressed in orange, topaz yellow and cobalt blue.

The Moccasin: A safe bet for a chic summer look. 

Timeless, the moccasin by its comfort and its design has established itself over the years as an important piece in men's fashion. Indispensable in the wardrobe, this shoe of the men's wardrobe, the moccasin has become the symbol of a fashion comfortable et elegant. More than ever, we want to feel good in our clothes for a fashion that corresponds to our style and our values.

So in this article, we are going to show you what are the trendy men's moccasins in 2022? Which model for which style and above all why Pauljac is today a reference in men's moccasins.

Quelle paire de mocassins choisir ?

Mocassin Pauljac Tendance 2021

Pauljac Summer Men's Shoe, Colorful, Comfortable, Stylish, Durable

Comfortable shoes

Chic, elegant, and casual, the moccasins Adventurer or Overseas will be perfect! Neutral colors that are easy to match with chino, canvas pants or jeans. At PAULJAC, we invite you to wear the blue Overseas loafer with a white shirt and beige pants for example. The beige color of the Adventurer will perfectly match with navy blue or khaki.

A pair of dress shoes

Are you invited to a wedding and looking for a stylish shoe that is easy to wear? Opt for the canvas moccasin beige Ceremony. Created to put on the groom's shoes the day after the wedding or a guest, it will then be easily worn with jeans and a tee shirt or a shirt.

And if you want more fashion tipsdo not hesitate to find Katia the brand's stylist. She presents the numerous models and novelties every Thursdays at 6:30 pm for Lives on Instagram and replay.

Trendy in 2022, PAULJAC offers a durable and elegant moccasin. 

At PAULJAC, we offer two models of shoes for men, declined in several colors and printed patterns. The moccasin called Original and the mule called Chill.

The PAULJAC moccasin is calledOriginalIt was the first model created by the brand.  At the creation of the brand, Katia the stylist wanted to propose a shoe for men elegant and comfortable for everyday wear. And what better than the moccasin for that! Light and supple materials such as cotton and linen, careful finishing with the leather and an incomparable comfort thanks to an insole lined with foam.

Avec ce trendy moccasin, pas de lacets, pas de compromis ! Facile à enfiler et à porter, il sera idéal pour un usage exterior, but also indoor.

Because this is also the strength of PAULJAC. To offer you city shoes and indoorfor shoes that fit your everyday life.

If you want to know more about the manufacturing models just meet ici.

In 2022, the trendy loafer will also be colorful.

This season, the men's wardrobe is getting into the color. Mais on le sait, ce n’est pas toujours facile de sortir des classiques comme le bleu marine ou le gris. Pas de panique, avec PAULJAC, on vous propose messieurs des couleurs à la fois vives et faciles à associer pour un summery and chic look.

Alors cette année, oser mettre de la couleur et reinvent your style.

In this collection Endless summerWe propose three bright colors. They will sometimes be present just in a detail as with theAdventurer or more assumed as on the Cobalt.

Pauljac Mocassin Tendance 2021

Pauljac Mocassin Tendance 2021

These trendy loafers in summer colors will highlight your tanned skin this summer. Paired with white pants for a fresh look or raw jeans for a wiser look, they'll be a real eye-catcher. fashion accessories.

So no more hesitation. If you are looking for a trendy moccasin, it is at PAULJAC that he is !

👉 Find all our different shoe models and sizes here.

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