A timeless design and a creative collection

PAULJAC is a French brand of handcrafted shoes for men, combining elegance and comfort. Designed by Katia, the founder and stylist of the company, to be durable and worn indoor and also outdoor. Trendy and mobile like you!

Inspired by haute couture, our models are made by the best craftsmen who use noble and qualitative materials such as leather or cotton giving birth to the Original and the Chill models

PAULJAC’s values ​​and inspirations follow the story of Katia and her experiences in the fashion world.

bokit shoes original
La_marque_bokit shoes

The rubber sole allow an optimal walking experience and the warm velvet will give you comfort and smoothness.
As the perfection is on details, all our models are proposed with natural leather inside soles.
Available in sizes 39 (EU) / 6 (US) to 46 (EU)/ 11.5 (US)

Comfortable and chic.Go ahead ! The Original model offers you this harmony!

bokit shoes
bokit shoes
bokit shoes

Easy and trendy

For those who are looking for an easy to fit solution, PAULJAC  has design the Chill model.
With its tapered shape, it will be your ally everyday for those who are in a hurry or for those who want more ease when they put on their shoes.

The natural brown sole leather will perfectly match your contemporary and trendy style.

With exclusive printed designs like the Grey Altitude or unicolor fabrics like the Midnight, the Forest or the Space , the Chill model is the perfect accessory for the next dinner party at home, with your friends.

Available in sizes 39 (EU) / 6 (US) to 46 (EU)/ 11.5 (US)

We designed the Chill to make you feel good at home or out on the go.

bokit shoes
bokit shoes
bokit shoes

The Founder

“It’s time for you to live the life you have always dreamed of. “

The Founder of PAULJAC : Katia Rabusseau.

Part of my childhood was spent with my grandmother, with whom I discover all the seewing know how. a deep learning until what was initially just a thougth in my mind becomes to life on a mannequin.
The creation of the company came at a time when I wanted to go further professionally. After studying fashion, I worked at Sonia Rykiel, JM Weston for 5 years and Façonnable where I managed more than 10 people.
At JM Weston, customers often asked me if we were selling comfortable models, “indoor moccasins” so that we were no longer constantly in socks or slippers.
The need was there, my motivation was flawless …


I originally designed comfortable and stylish indoor slippers. But one thing happened. Customers have adapted our shoes to their lifestyle by wearing them indoors as well as outdoors.

PAULJAC has therefore become the first brand of mobile shoes, like you …

Durable indoor / outdoor models that you wear at home, at work or during a trip.

The PAULJAC's story

Every day, since its creation in 2017, PAULJAC has taken up a challenge: to offer men’s shoes, which are wearable both indoors and outdoors.
From the rubber and leather sole to the exclusive printed designs fabrics, each pair is born from a closed collaboration with know how artisanal manufacturing.

A distinctive style for a product design in France.


More than a factory, we were looking for a partner and we headed for Portugal. The factories in the Porto area are renowned for their know-how in footwear manufacturing.  An important choice for us because, even as a young company, we wanted to support local entrepreneurs who, unfortunately, are often faced with strong competition. In addition, this European regional proximity also allows us to reduce the impact of our environmental footprint.


It is therefore in a family workshop that PAULJAC shoes come to life.Here you can smell the leather and glue. The sound of the machines reveals a meticulous and lean organization.  All our models are handmade, with high quality leathers and fabrics and beautiful finishes.

Katia, our fashion designer starts by drawing the models then she works on the patterns, the choice of raw materials, colors to establish the best technical specifications.

Once, all the elements are received and prepared, the pieces are assembled to form the upper part of the shoes

This seewing operation requires special attention and carefulll manipulation.


Next step is the mounting. The upper part is placed on a special piece called the form (molded foot shape) to be assembled on a midsole called the first of mounting.

The rubber and leather sole is glued with this upper part. A handmade step done with great care before the shoe goes to the finishing stage.

A final step where you have to clean, check the quality of each shoe before putting the pairs in their packaging.

Now, you just have to discover and wear them.