THE most comfortable shoes 

THE most comfortable shoes

At PAULJAC, we are not afraid of true words, we are proud of our identity.

Two years of development  to achieve what can be claimed as THE most comfortable shoe. How and Why, we will of course explain this to you.

However, behind a good idea there is always a team, and sometimes an iconic person. At PAULJAC it’s definitely Katia Rabusseau, the founder and stylist of the brand.

Katia’s pathway is the story of a determined, curious and creative young woman. A childhood inspired by her seamstress grandmother and a supportive family when from the age of 11, drawing was going to be part of her life.

It is also the story of an ambitious young woman that chose independence and the opportunity to express her own values ​​and her creativity. After studying at the Institute of Art and Fashion, then a professional career in luxury brands like JM Weston especially for five years, the growing desire to create her company had become obvious.


Katia is also a committed entrepreneur since the beginning.  Leading the “j’entreprends” program in partnership with Suez helping young business creators, she is also involved in helping people in professional reconversion within the association “cent chances, cent emplois”.


PAULJAC began from a simple observation : if you were looking for a fashionable and comfortable shoe to wear at home, there were few options avaliables. 

And then from a conviction:  wearing shoes that match your personality should not be limited to outdoor usage. 

It was therefore time to find an answer to combine elegance and comfort in a shoe that can be worn both at home and outdoor.


A real indoor and outdoor shoe. Up to you to choose, but from our side, we have put the cursor at the highest level for following the latest trends and ensuring your comfort and look.

For two years now, we have had incredibly positive  feedback from our customers.

“Le bel objet” : simple, comfortable, effective and trendy are ingredients that Katia has chosen to highlight by initially creating the Bokit shoes under the Pauljac Brand. As she likes to remind us, each customer is unique, but our shoes meet an universal need: being able to wear shoes with style and comfort, whether at home, in the office or on the go.

When  discovering the first rough sketches that Katia shared, we were all agree on the potential of her idea and were seduced by the fluidity of a timeless design adaptable and customisable on demand. 

The team has developed a hybrid shoe model that combines aesthetic and ergonomic, strong footwear, comfortable at every footstep and having best in class durability.

Discover collections designed by Katia which are a true  game changer for indoor shoes. 


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