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« Only for you »


This is how we would like to present our PAULJAC brand and ultimately how we have design our shoes.When i heard this song the first time, i was literally submerged by the powerful voice of Erika Wennestrom from the Cincinnati’s garage rock band the “Heartless Bastard »

Straight to the point isn’t it!

« Call me »

Nothing about the famous Blondie song this time, but just a rough piece of revisited gospel retro soul garage; this is nothing but pure energy. Birmingham Alabama certainly give us their most promising kids within the «Saint Paul and the broken Bones».

Just try to listen to this and not to move!! I already know the answer.


« Just Dropped in »

Sharon Jones and the Kings , now you know why i am dying to come home,  to wear my new comfortable PAULJAC shoes and «Just Dropped in».

« Short change hero »

It make the difference, don’t you think so? Sometime little detail can make you feel good and elegant even at home. Like when i am listening to « Short change hero » from « the Heavy » rock band and i just feel like i was immediately teleported in a middle of a western movie. Few sounds = big impact


« I fought the law »

I know what you think , probably something linked to  this legendary punk rock crew that also ask god to save the queens , than  from the sixties ‘s “bobby fuller four” band .

Then look at their hair cut and … something is not matching with the Joe Strummer’s look. When it is good, it is good no matter the time and where it comes from.  For indoor, for outdoor, who cares! At the end of the day your shoes should just be like that timeless and trendy.

« tomorrow »

You come home and again you already think about « tomorrow » like this “Shakey Graves” musical poetry.  Enjoy the moment listening to his unbelievable voice


Romeo and Juliet

Emotion like only the Vegas indie dance rock quartet « the Killers » can share with its very intimate performance of Romeo and Juliet revisited. I feel better much better now, what about yourself?


Hold On!

After the Saint Paul, is this our sweet Alabama shakes and the Brittany Howard awesome voice?

You are right like the feeling i have when i am listening to this, being at the right place at the right moment like in my home sweet home…Alabama maybe


“Soldier On”

The more you listen to this incredible Temper Trap‘s song, the more you can feel this tsunami coming from inside, is this we call “emotion”…. probably.


“Tiny dancer”

I could not avoid this one, just because it makes no sense to build a playlist and forget about Sir Elton. I tell you, i promise to not forget this guy, “THE” guy in our future PAULJAC musical selection.


“Have you ever seen the rain”

From the “Creedence Clearwater Revival” band.

It is probably better to be at home when this comes and sorry for this easy final word: when comfortably shod with your PAULJAC

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