Bring perspective to your look

PAULJAC, nomadic products made for your daily life. 

A Recipe? Recyclable rubber and leather soles and a combination of noble raw materials for high level walking comfort and guaranteed durability.

Straight to the point, exactly what you need to finetune your look with style and without compromise. 


THE most comfortable shoes

Behind the scenes, a team

At PAULJAC, we are not afraid of true words, we are proud of our identity.

Two years of development  to achieve what can be claimed as THE most comfortable shoe. How and Why, we will of course explain this to you.

However, behind a good idea there is always a team, and sometimes an iconic person. At PAULJAC it’s definitely Katia Rabusseau, the founder and stylist of the brand.

PAULJAC 's social engagement

A commitment for the future of the youth 

Because we believe that the future is built from an early age, PAULJAC partners with the citiZchool association whose objective is to support young people from sensitive neighborhoods.

The mission is to give them confidence in themselves and in their capacities through workshops, meets with passionate professionals, and projects addressing social and environmental issues.

By buying a pair of PAULJACs you would directly contribute to support the association since 3% of our turnover is donated to concretely finance multiple projects with the young people.